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PowerCalc™ – The complete software solution for large scale Electrical Contractors

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PowerCalc™ is the complete software solution for large scale Electrical Contractors, requiring circuit breaker selection and power factor connection modules

PowerCalc™ Features:

  • Maximum Demand to AS/NZS3000
  • Cable Sizing to AS/NZS3008.1.1
  • Conduit sizing
  • Fault-loop impedance to AS/NZS3000
  • Cable voltage drop calculations
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Power factor calculations
  • L.V. Distribution Network Modeling
  • Automatic mains and submains cable selections
  • Automatic final subcircuit cable sizing
  • Circuit Breaker Selection
  • Substation sizing
  • Light fitting and motor libraries
  • Extensive Reporting with print preview
  • Direct online support
  • Standards AS/NZS, IEC, BS and CP5